Because even we will admit that you can’t eat Cake all the time, please find the following sporadically-updated list of other publications that we have read and enjoyed…collect them all!

Pretend I Am There But Very Little
A Story by Blake Butler

Under the intense lighting my teeth seemed huge and yellowed, like little tombstones, little walls. My teeth. My teeth. I missed them. I could hardly remember how they felt—though I could remember years of things I’d bitten, the endless brushing, my dentist’s eyes. I felt a tremor in my sternum, as if from sugar, my fingers trembling at the rope. No one was looking.

24 pages  |  Now available from Publishing Genius

It Was Like My Trying to Have a Tender-Hearted Nature
A Novella and Stories by Diane Williams

C.K. Dexter-Haven, the man I love, he’s been able to get his popularity numbers up there. I need to move on this very quickly, although I petted other men, not meant for me, nearly all day, and nearly all night long. Ruth Hussey puts up with so much from me. Ruth Hussey should not put up with so much.

132 pages  |  Now available from Fiction Collective 2

A Tomb on the Periphery
A Novel by John Domini

Simply to get out of this busted tomb would require a dirty climb hand over hand. Throughout the surrounding dig, a graveyard nearly three thousand years old, ground-level itself remained unstable and sunken. Just to get back to the driveway cleared for the work crew, let alone the nearest paved road, would be like climbing a stairway in which several steps had gone missing.

198 pages  |  Now available from Gival

Green Man and the Priests
Fiction by Tom Whalen
Drawings by Nick Wadley

A priest stands before a green man who is sitting on a green branch and gazing down at the priest with, possibly, an evil intent. That green may denote evil is well known—consider the trees in a valley, the grass on the hills. The green man’s mouth is red, that is his lips are red, as is his mouth-hole and his teeth.

26 pages  |  Now available from Obscure

Dark Property
A Novel by Brian Evenson

An aerical creature brushed her cheek, dropped away to burze about crazed in the crazed dust of her feet. She cursed against God. Extending her arm, she encountered a rough-cast wall gone swale now, past midnight. She pressed her face against the wall, spread her tongue along the cool surface. Cinderstone, savoring of dust and slake-lime.

132 pages  |  Now available from Black Square

Drinking River Water
Poems by Peter Joseph Gloviczki

Where is the swish / your fingers learned / on this tattered page?// There is nothing worthy / or worth being scrawled / inside electronic margins. // The gleam of the monitor / bastardizes morning light. / I will slide this page, now, // between your slight hands. / before you can say: Here, / let me read it.

24 pages  |  Now available from Poetry Midwest

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