Laurie Mazzaferro

Laurie Mazzaferro’s publication credits include Pearl, Barrow Street, Red River Review, Poet Lore, Concrete Wolf, West Branch, 5 AM, The Midwest Poetry Review, Poetry Motel, Chiron Review, Main Street Rag, Sistersong, Illya’s Honey, Phoebe, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She is a recipient of a Pushcart nomination, an Academy of American Poetry award, an AWP Intro Nomination, and a Wesleyan Scholarship. Her chapbook Breaking the Captive’s Fetters won the Slipstream 2000 Chapbook contest. She received an MFA in poetry from the University of Pittsburgh where she teaches in the English Department.

Laurie Mazzaferro’s “Eve’s Night Siren to the Snakes,” “A Sway & A Promise Not to Jump,” and “Memorial Day” appear in Caketrain Issue 01.

Caketrain is a literary journal and press based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our interest is in bringing you, reader, the very best in contemporary creative writing, full stop. Our goals are for each issue of our journal to submerge you in a birthing tank for gelatinous language monsters, young masses of tentacular foci undulating as directed (in all, at once) by our eclectic stable of contributors; for each new book we publish to seduce and ensnare you, sometimes intangibly, always undeniably; and for you, reader, to be able to draw at least one passage from our banks that prods your mind with such precision and power that it feels as if it was written for your eyes alone. To wit and to whet, here is a snippet, a slight nip of our delicious lit mix:

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