Caketrain // Spring/Summer 2004


1st printing, 200 copies.

Released June 2004

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Susan Brennan


Daniel, I hardly knew

My Roommate’s Box of Worms

Interview @ Columbine


Eddie and the Rabbits

Corie Feiner


The Same Man


The Cellar

Memory of Making Meatloaf


David Baratier

Estrella’s Prophecies XXVIII

Estrella’s Prophecies XXIX

Estrella’s Prophecies XXX

Estrella’s Prophecies XXXI

Estrella’s Prophecies LVI

Estrella’s Prophecies LX

Estrella’s Prophecies LXIV

Notes for Estrella’s Prophecies 

     LXV et Seq.

Adam Fieled


A feast of Halloweens

Cathleen Richardson Bailey

Marching up Seabreeze

Brian Patrick Heston

New York

Letter to No one

my five-year-old sister   

     contemplates the meaning of it 


Rina Ferrarelli

Talking Long Distance

James E. Cherry


Jim Daniels

Photo Toss

Logical Explanation



Pittsburgh in the News

Jeffrey Ethan Lee

autumnal on a day her mother 

     threatened suicide

but they’ll kill you (in bethlehem, 


lost hotel in allentown, pennsylvania

Hitting Rock Bottom

Brooklyn F Train August Duet 

     (for evangelical ranter and 

     red-faced retiree)

Gary Widger

Psychic Flux and Wishbone

Richard Blevins

Horror Vaci

Table of Contents at Zero


Bitter Eclogue

Laurie Mazzaferro

Eve’s Night Siren to the Snakes

A Sway & A Promise Not to Jump

Memorial Day

Sue William Silverman

The Tale of Quizzle and the Flying 


For Janice and John on the 

     Occasion of Adopting Alma 

     from Guatemala, the Land of 

     Magic Dolls

From Clay

Stephen Murabito

The Stain




Caketrain is printed on a sixty pound acid-free white stock, perfect bound by a ten-point cover stock. Its dimensions are 5.5 x 8.5 inches. The text is set in a Garamond variant designed and distributed by Jon Wheal. Caketrain is printed in Kearney, Nebraska, by Morris Publishing. Special thanks is extended to David Nichols, Ph.D., for his contributions in making Caketrain possible. (C) 2003 Caketrain. All rights revert to authors upon publication. ISSN 1547-6839.