Caketrain // Fall/Winter 2004

1st printing, 200 copies.

Released February 2005

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Larry Jaffe


Colette LaBouff Atkinson

Rooftop Picnic

Independence Day, 1970

Rochelle Spencer

Black Jacob

Camille Dungy


The Abbatoir

Mary at the Shops

it had been months on months

Kim Chinquee





Andrew Kozma


The Funeral

After the Cremation

Samuel Atlee

Among the Old People

Mercedes Lawry

Roaming Summer

Help, I’m Running Backward and It Feels So Good

Leopard, snake, alligator

Nan Byrne

Reptile World

cactUs may

my brother owns a boat

i am still trying to decide

Ravi Shankar

The New Trancendence

Ode to Quickies

Blue Circus, Oil Paint on Canvas, 1950

Sean Thomas Dougherty

Pas De Deus

Jazz You

Michael Burkard

Construct of a Building

“U” of the Shadow



Very Difficult Rainfall

Ben Miller

629. The Nasty Menagerie

631. The Impatiens

Scott McWaters

A Controlled Burn

Derek Pollard

Suddenly while walking

Found Poem No. 9

This Sentence Is Giving Credibility Because Freda Jackson Is Beautiful But Turns Ugly

Josh Jumbelic


Virgil Suárez

Balsero / Rafter

The Great Suspiro

Michael Scotto

The Three Deaths of Canary

Terrance Hayes

Black History


C.L. Bledsoe

Everyone Knows This Already

Bernard Haske

I Will Not Baptize

Italian Lessons

The Dancers

Beyond McCartney

P.F. Potvin

An Independent Question

Warholing the Leper

Into the Structure

Port to Uneven

One by One

Rhythm of the Bridge

Begging Her Down

Susan Denning

Diary from the Red House

Simon Perchik

(“You lean against the way…”)

(“Her death was reported…”)

Tom Whalen

Language Difficulties


Caketrain is printed on a sixty pound acid-free white stock, perfect bound by a ten-point cover stock. Its dimensions are 5.5 x 8.5 inches. The text is set in a Garamond variant designed and distributed by Jon Wheal. Caketrain is printed in Kearney, Nebraska, by Morris Publishing. Special thanks is extended to Richard Blevins and James E. Cherry for their contributions in making Caketrain possible. (C) 2004 Caketrain. All rights revert to authors upon publication. ISSN 1547-6839.