Brian Foley
from Caketrain Issue 06

In the mirror shaving. I find a long grey hair, hiding. I separate it from the crowd and pull. It doesn’t budge. I exert a greater effort and again it refuses. With a great pain I give it the strength of my manhood. It finally gives way. But it has not been torn out. It multiples in length, its expansion significant in size. I pull a little more. I hold the fine end in my palm, the long loop falling to the floor. I am afraid to go further, afraid of what it will do to me. I pull a little more. I could forget something vital, like a birthday or feeling. Its roots seem deep like a tree, unraveling from an unknown spool immersed in the soil of my skull. I pull a little more.

Caketrain is a literary journal and press based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our interest is in bringing you, reader, the very best in contemporary creative writing, full stop. Our goals are for each issue of our journal to submerge you in a birthing tank for gelatinous language monsters, young masses of tentacular foci undulating as directed (in all, at once) by our eclectic stable of contributors; for each new book we publish to seduce and ensnare you, sometimes intangibly, always undeniably; and for you, reader, to be able to draw at least one passage from our banks that prods your mind with such precision and power that it feels as if it was written for your eyes alone. To wit and to whet, here is a snippet, a slight nip of our delicious lit mix:

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