Kristen Orser
“The First Is a Dig, the Second Is a Slap”
from Caketrain Issue 06

On average we are thirsty. This consists in digging out from dry riverbeds and swamps large frogs that have filled themselves with water in the rainy season.
     Exits and exhales, though the opposite may be winked at. To breathe on a woman, the neck, after eating oysters is men-tioned frequently in the myths. It’s the vehicle by which our ancestors and gods arrived: The nape of a woman’s neck.
     I prefer the clavicle, the canoe, the slender after-boom. More tendency to float and wind. Tendency to keel, kneel, knee-knocking loves.
     But a few weeks ago a man gave 17,000 coconuts as a betrothal present. He was chastised, not chaste, a vulgar boaster. He took to an island out of public view; shame is a killing thing.

Caketrain is a literary journal and press based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our interest is in bringing you, reader, the very best in contemporary creative writing, full stop. Our goals are for each issue of our journal to submerge you in a birthing tank for gelatinous language monsters, young masses of tentacular foci undulating as directed (in all, at once) by our eclectic stable of contributors; for each new book we publish to seduce and ensnare you, sometimes intangibly, always undeniably; and for you, reader, to be able to draw at least one passage from our banks that prods your mind with such precision and power that it feels as if it was written for your eyes alone. To wit and to whet, here is a snippet, a slight nip of our delicious lit mix:

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