Karyna McGlynn
“why it slides down the adder”
from Caketrain Issue 06

when every green D slides
down into its eventuality:          thankful, loveless

a water-headed mink
behind the driftwood                   slides under my knee
                                                           and waits like a vein

to skin me cold, to undo the Ds down my passage

words tethered to an antiquity which also slips!
from a footing less exact
the bounty which gathers above me, avian hunters

This is for his head     this water on it
                                                            this knot bag body
a woolen stocking

                                        slung on a low snowed fence
I meant, I mean, I…
can’t recap the bottle-green of my long undone Ds
the slipping fabric/cut on the bias/the tenuous grip

                                         that adder had
                                                        upon me

all along, mink’s broad blue head upending

                         own mouth          ,own knee          ,oh

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