Awp! Awp! Awp! (Third Issue Release Party)
featuring Tayari Jones, Elizabeth Skurnick, Andrew Kozma, Anthony Butts, Kazim Ali, Amanda Auchter, Susan Brennan, Ravi Shankar, David Capella, Jeffrey Ethan Lee and Ben Tanzer
Friday, March 10, 2006
Café Mundi, Austin, TX

Orchestrating a reading at a place we had never been from halfway across the country was a tricky business, but we were fortunate to find Café Mundi, a lovely little shop off the beaten Texas track, a great place to eat, and a welcome change of pace from the Hilton Hotel and Convention Center where the bulk of AWP 2006 was held. We sent a mass communication to our contributors and other writer-friends to let them know what we were doing, resulting in an unprecedentedly whopping, 11-person, 2 1/2-hour reading marathon (with a much-needed break at the halfway point for mingling, drinks, stuff).


Mundi’s lovely, tree-laden performance space at dusk, shortly before the event. This is as good a time as any to mention that the event took place at night, among these trees, which were strung with colored neon lights. It’s a great place to hang out amid wine, food and good writers reading good writing, but it’s a tough place to take photos. Since we wanted to avoid flashing cameras in our writers faces, most of these pictures ended up looking more like a document of the 90’s Seattle music scene than a poetry reading, but follow along — we’ll caption for clarity.

Some of the audience, whose number exceeded all our expectations, we’re happy to say.

Issue 02 contributor Andrew Kozma.

Kazim Ali, author of The Far Mosque and Quinn’s Passage.

Issue 03 contributor Amanda Auchter.

Issue 03 contributor Anthony Butts.

Issue 01 contributor Jeffrey Ethan Lee.

Issue 01 contributor Susan Brennan.

Detail of Event Signage With Smudge, artist unknown, 2006.

The AWP Austin Bookfair, from the books’ perspective.

And we were.

Thanks, in unmanageably heaping piles, to all the readers and listeners who devoted an entire evening out of their busy AWP schedules to hanging out with us. We had a blast, and it was great to meet all of you! Austin (and Austin tourists) represent!

Issue 03 contributor Amanda Auchter took a few photos at the reading, too. Did you? If so, let us know.

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