Caketrain Issue 06

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Janelle Adsit, Eric Baus, Ryan Call, Kate Hill Cantrill, Clark Chatlain, Kim Chinquee, Tom Christopher, Stephen Ellis, Brian Foley, Jenny Hanning, Anne Heide, Gretchen E. Henderson, Janis Butler Holm, Jennifer Jean, Jac Jemc, Shane Jones, Catherine Kasper, Aby Kaupang, Michael Kimball, Michele Kingery, Stacie Leatherman, Gracie Leavitt, Sara Levine, Norman Lock, Wolfgang Matzl, Katherine McCord, Karyna McGlynn, Ben Mirov, Patrick Misiti, Thomas O’Connell, Kristen Orser, Kim Parko, Jayne Pupek, Kathryn Rantala, Forrest Roth, Bonnie Roy, Jordan Sanderson, Christof Scheele, S.E. Smith, Paige H. Taggart, Josh Wallaert, Joshua Ware, Danielle Wheeler, Elizabeth Winder, Cori A. Winrock, Mande Zecca.


Cover image “Caput non impluviabile (The head into which it will not rain)” © 2008 Wolfgang Matzl. Used by permission. “Astronomical Science,” “Voluntary Motion,” “Earthly Dangers,” and “Summons” curated from definitions in Noah Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language (1828). “Four Scab Dictations Out of Rimbaud” translated from Arthur Rimbaud’s Les Illuminations (1886).