Caketrain Issue 03

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Amanda Auchter, Carrie Bennett, Lisa Bickmore, Anthony Butts, Rob Cook, N.M. Courtright, Mark DeCarteret, Michelle Detorie, Denise Duhamel, Ryan Fox, R.L. Futrell, Ian Ganassi, Susan Grimm, Amber Hares, Dennis Hinrichsen, Melanie Hubbard, Robert Krut, Esther Lee, Lee-Ann Liles, Margaret MacInnis, Mary C. McCarthy, Rosie Molinary, Arlene Naganawa, Fernand Roqueplan, Mary McLaughlin Slechta, Cynthia Alden Smith, Ben Tanzer, Addie Tsai, Dennis Vannatta, John G. Wallace, Sarah Z. Wexler, Amanda Yskamp.


The cover art of this book reappropriates diagrams by Burt Mader which are found in their original form in Accelerators: Machines of Nuclear Physics, from the Anchor/Doubleday Science Study Series, © 1960 Educational Services Incorporated, as salvaged from a library discard bin in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the year 2002.